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How to Mute Mention Notifications on WhatsApp

You can follow a basic workaround on Android and iOS to mute mention notifications on WhatsApp.

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WhatsApp has already provided an option to let you mute notifications of individual chats and group messages. Forever on its platform since October last year. However, that option is not useful when you are mentioned by someone in a group chat, for which you have already muted notifications. You will continue to receive notifications if a user in the group replies to one of your previously sent messages or mentions you in the thread. This is not technically a flaw, but it could get annoying if multiple members in a muted group are mentioning you or replying to your earlier message.

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However, you can mute such notifications by following a workaround.

How to mute mention notifications on WhatsApp?
You can mute notifications of the messages, that mention you or are in response to your existing message in a group. For which you have already muted notifications on both Android and iOS. It also works on WhatsApp Web or its desktop client. What you need to do is to mute notifications from the individual users. Who mention you or send a reply to your earlier message in the muted group.

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To mute notifications from an individual user, you simply need to go to their profile on WhatsApp and afterward tap the name of the user. From that point onward, search for the Mute notifications choice on Android or Mute on iOS. You can browse three choices — 8 hours, seven days, or consistently choices to mute notifications.

This proves to be useful when you can’t leave a WhatsApp group however don’t have any desire to get consistent notifications in the event that somebody mentions you or answers to your message around there.

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