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Is technology ever rule the world?

Technology refers to the tools, processes, and systems that are used to, improve, and enhance human life. Technology has played a significant role in shaping human society and has helped to advance human progress in many areas, such as medicine, education, and communication. In this article we will see is technology ever rule the world.


The history of technology dates back to the Stone Age when human beings first started using tools to make their lives easier. Over time, technology has evolved and become more advanced, allowing us to achieve things that were once impossible. 

. Technology has played a significant role in shaping human society

Impact on Society:

The impact of technology on society has been significant, and it continues to grow. Technology has improved our quality of life by making many tasks easier and more efficient. It has also created new jobs and industries and has allowed for greater communication and collaboration between people from different parts of the world. However, it has also created new challenges, such as privacy concerns and the displacement of human workers by automation.

Ancient Technology v/s Modern Technology:

Ancient technology refers to the technologies that were developed and used in the past. This includes the tools and machines used in the pre-industrial and industrial periods, such as the wheel, printing press, and steam engine.

Modern technology, on the other hand, refers to the technological advancements that have been developed in recent times, especially after the advent of computers and the internet. This includes smartphones, laptops, virtual reality, artificial intelligence, and biotechnology.

The main difference between ancient and modern technology is their level of sophistication and the impact they have on society. Ancient technology was relatively primitive and had limited capabilities, whereas modern technology has transformed the way we live, communicate, and work. Additionally, modern technology is much faster, more efficient, and has a much wider reach than ancient technology .

Ancient Technology v/s Modern Technology

Technology Rule the world:

The question of whether technology will ever rule the world is a highly debated topic. Some people believe that technology has already surpassed human control. And that it is just a matter of time before it becomes the dominant force in the world. Others argue that technology is simply a tool created by humans. And it will never have the power to rule the world without human intervention.

However, it’s important to note that technology still requires human intervention to operate, design, and maintain it. Machines can only perform the tasks that they are programmed to do. And they are limited by the knowledge and information they are given. In this sense, technology will never truly be able to rule the world without human guidance.

In conclusion, we can say that technology will continue to rule this world as long as humans continue to innovate. When man stops inventing, technology will disappear from this world even today. We can infer that technology itself does not rule this world but a human is hidden behind it. Who is ruling the world with the help of technology?

Technology Rule the world

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