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How to download Udemy Courses free.

Curiosity in a Human Being takes him/her to a new level. Learning new things every day is somewhat hobby of some people.
We have been listening to a Quote from our very own childhood that “Knowledge is Power”. And knowledge brings a person from darkness into the lights.
Nowadays gaining knowledge is very easy as the world is now a Global village and by the power of Internet, you can learn anything in mere seconds.

Unfortunately, getting the perfect stuff to learn is difficult because there are numerous tutors and tutorials. Additionally, in YouTube some people also claim to teach but there is no confirmation if the tutor is professional or the tutorials are legit or just someone wants to gain views.

Fortunately, for beginners or newbies some professionals have started online teaching programs which precisely is easy and professional also. An example of such professional platform includes Udemy, skillshare, coursera, edx etc.

In this post you gonna learn how to download Udemy courses for free.

What Is Udemy?

Udemy is an American massive open online course provider founded in 2009 by Eren Bali, Gagan Biyani, and Oktay Caglar.
It is one of the biggest platform for students as well tutors. Therefore, it literally contains every single course regarding every profession in the World. It offers it’s courses with fee like any other institution. Students purchase the course and watch online videos, do assignments and projects assigned by the tutor.

Why someone is unable to take Udemy Course?

Unluckily, not every student or person has access to these courses because some people don’t even know about them. Either if they find out about them then they don’t have the amount of money to procure that course. Or if they are living in an underdeveloped country they won’t be able to pay that much money which in terms of comparison in US Dollar is huge as it is situated in America.

download Udemy Courses free (STEPS)

Luckily, I will give you the solution to your problems. If you are eager but can’t afford course fee than here is the bestanswer to all of your tensions. There is a way to access number of Udemy courses free of cost. Literally, you won’t even pay a single penny. You only need an Internet and a computer or mobile fone to download the course which is totally free.

Here are the steps to download Udemy Courses free and watch it on your own pace.


In this step you will need to download a torrent downloader. i-e Utorrent, bittorrent.

Bittorent snapshot

After downloading the torrent install it in your desired drive.


Here is the crucial step.
In this step you will go to the website freecoursesite.com and choose your perfect course by scrolling through pages or simply you can type specific keyword related to the course in search bar.

download Udemy Courses free.

And then scroll down to the download link and click on it.

download Udemy Courses free.

Click on captcha and wait for 10 seconds and then click get link.

Generate Link

Now open the file you’ve downloaded and you will be directed to torrent downloader. Next you can select the path in which you want to store the file. Then by simply pressing the download your course will be start downloading. Your course will be downloaded by the dedicated internet speed.

download Udemy Courses free.

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