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Different Hair Steamers

A hair steamer is a device that adds dampness, re-establishes shading dynamic quality and reinforces the flexibility of hair. This product utilizes warmth and water to lift the fingernail skin on the hair screw and permit conditioners and medicines to enter each strand

hair steamer

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Types of Hair steamers

There are three kinds of e hair steamers—hooded, tabletop, and caped—and everything’s about close to home inclination. It’s truly about what feels great, what you’re utilized to, and what you have space for.

1.Hooded Hair Steamer

The old fashioned hooded hair steamers use vapor steam to add moisture. With other qualities like reviving color vibrancy and enhancing hair elasticity, this product leave your injured hair supple and full.

Hooded steamer

2. Caped Hair Steamer

As its name implies, a steam cap relies on the use of which is provided by dryer to provide moisture to your hair. Unlike direct heat, steam is a little bit gentle which is very important when hair is damaged.

3. Tabletop Hair Steamer

It is made up of base, placed on table , and the hood steamer is just like a professional salon steamers. You sit under the steamer and it is the great benefit .

As we discuss about hair steamers so the best advantage of this product is that the moist heat encourages blood flow to circulate , promoting hair growth.

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