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Clear Mode in TikTok For Distraction-Free Scrolling

Clear Mode in TikTok

The Clear Mode in TikTok is now being tested by TikTok that would allow for a distraction-free scrolling experience on the app. ‘clear mode,’ is presently in restricted testing with chosen clients. Clear mode disposes of all of the messiness on-screen, like captions and buttons, when viewing content on the application.

What is ‘Clear Mode’ in TikTok

The new setting was spotted by users and featured by social media expert Matt Navarra on Twitter. In which he writes that once the clear mode is initiated; you’ll never again see usernames, captions, audio information, and then some. At times, apparently, you can dispose of the like, comments, and share buttons too to have a totally distraction-free viewing experience.

Assuming that completely carried out; the new feature could be a welcome addition for individuals who need to dispose of the messiness on-screen and simply center around the content that they’re viewing. The clear mode could likewise be valuable in occasions where usernames and captions end up covering significant parts of a video. What’s more, viewers will frequently comment “crop” on a video, demonstrating that they need users to reupload the video so it tends to be screenshot and cropped with practically no captions or buttons impeding the content. activating clear mode could dispose of this issue.

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How To Activate ‘Clear Mode’

Users who are part of the restricted test will see the option when they tap and hold the screen. When you do as such, the ‘clear Mode’ setting will show up under the ‘Add to Favorites’ button. Tapping on that will set off a distraction-free viewing experience.

TikTok said it doesn’t have a lot to share on the test right now. Taking into account clear mode is in limited testing, it’s obscure when TikTok plans to broadly carry it out more.

Other Features

TikTok is presently testing various new changes for its platform. As it was late uncovered that the organization is further putting resources into HTML5 games. It seems TikTok is likewise dealing with a LIVE mobile gaming feature that would permit creators to draw in fans. While live streaming. TikTok has likewise begun testing a way for users to distinguish comments. That they believe are unimportant or improper through a private dislike button. When a user dislikes a comment. The dislike won’t be public and commenters will not be told that their comments have been disliked.

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