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BlogSpot Limitations

What is BlogSpot?

BlogSpot Limitations

All things considered, for the most part individuals call it blogger.com which offers administration to make a free blog with BlogSpot sub-domain. It is a free Content administration framework platform where you can make a free blog or site without paying a solitary penny.

Here is how to create a free Blog on BlogSpot.com

Google purchased BlogSpot in 2003 and beginning contribution free blog administration and hosting their information on Google drive. Anyone can make their site and oversee multi-blogs without paying cash, and there are no promotions or covered up got.

BlogSpot is the correct answer for newcomers to get going their first site for learning and testing. Yet, in the event that you will make an expert site, at that point Blogger.com isn’t the most ideal decision.

BlogSpot Limitations 

Having a free blog/site on BlogSpot is something pleasant, isn’t that so?

Still, there are a couple of downsides which you should know since its free assistance. In this way, today, I will examine BlogSpot impediments

Following are the limitations

  • Blogger permits clients to make at any rate 100 blogs on one Google account. After you hit 100 cutoff points, you most likely should erase past blogs to make another one.
  • You can write 1200 Character in “About Me” profile
  • You can Follow 300 Blogs per account
  • BlogSpot gives 1GB picture stockpiling. Yet, on the off chance that you make Google drive or in addition to account, at that point it will give you an additional room to store in any event 15GB of pictures, records, and videos.
  • You cannot upload more than 8MB sized image
  • Blogger does not support PHP and MySQL language.
  • The main page of a Blog is restricted to 1 MB.
  • The blog has only one type of permalink structure which is [Website]/[Date]/[Post].
  • 20 static pages per Blog
  • Length of the Blog title is 90 character
  • 500 characters for Blog description
  • 100 members per Blog
  • 5,000 unique labels per Blog
  • 4,096 characters per comment
  • Length of Post Name is 30 characters


These blogger impediments ought not change your perspectives for Blogger.
 In the event that you are a beginner and need to begin another site without burning through cash on self-hosting, at that point I emphatically suggest utilizing BlogSpot.

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